Tony and Laura’s Festival Wedding

Tony and Laura tied the knot and made this years Splore one of my favourite yet!

The morning started with a quick dip in the sea and some of Arjun’s Harpoon cold brew at our tent site, then the wedding party was joined by a brass band.  They all danced down the hill from our camping village to a cottage near the sea where Laura was getting ready.  These two beauties had another wedding photographer friend taking some shots and were keen for me to take some picys as well,  I couldn’t help it really!  I can’t wait to see Dane Scott’s shots of the brass band party!   A gorgeous heartfelt ceremony with plenty of smiles and tears.  What a bunch of babes!

The wedding was followed by a Twerking workshop, another swim and a night of partying.  What a fabulous and fun way to celebrate your love.  Magic <3