Wet Hot Beautiful Valentines

It’s Valentines day and I’m sick.  I would usually feel ok about this if it was terrible weather and I had nothing exciting to do………but today I had a fun-filled day and night planned.   

The first and most important activity was a performance with the Wet Hot Beauties at Mission Bay.  I joined these wet, hot, beautiful, fun, body positive, inclusive, creative women a couple of weeks ago  and have been enjoying madly learning the moves for this weekends performance.  

At 2pm this afternoon I began to feel a bit sorry for myself, knowing they would be all together getting ready, so I decided to get out of bed, pop an extra panadol and go to watch them.  So much joy and laughter!  Watching them and then editing these photos has definitely brightened up the rest of my day.  <3

There are plenty more performances to be had,  in-fact one every saturday for the next few weeks ……….so I haven’t really missed out,  I was just a little bit excited about it all:) Here is the poster with the dates and locations of the next performances