Friends playing music at Friedas

For this period of time in my life, living in Grey Lynn seems to be the perfect place, I’m lucky to have so many friends living near.  I love the feeling of  walking down the street for dinner at theirs with my full baking dish or bowl of salad and the ease of returning in the morning to grab my empty dishes.  A seemingly small and unimportant act but one which reaffirms my deep desire to have a physical community in the same location.   While living in the city it is the ease of walking to a friends house for a cup of tea or a drink at the bar on the corner rather than getting in the car and driving.  One of my resolutions for this year is to foster my immediate community more.

Here are photographs of some of those gorgeous, talented friends playing at our local bar, Freida Margolis.  Lucy and Emily Oliver are sisters with beautiful voices, the name of their duet is ‘Secret Cousins’.  They are in the process of recording their first EP and when they have their FB or webpage set up, I will post a link here.  The second lovely musician is Jenny Liston.  I have known Jenny for a year and am a bit sad that this vibrant beauty is just about to make her return to Ireland (but I will visit one day!).  Nights like this one, as well as those shared dinners make me feel as though I am living in the rights spot,  for right now (and we have such a great bar as our local).