The Weekends Are For Dancing

Charlotte is an artist, poet, teacher and someone I can fully be myself with, let out the  inner crazy+magic with and have no worry of judgement, ever.   Flatmates but also a kind of family.  Together with the lovely Hannah, we live in a fairly ordinary and wee bit wonky house in Grey Lynn suburbia. We know intricacies of each others lives as you would in any family.  The banal day to day bits; what each other is eating for breakfast, what they are doing at work or after work, as well as all of the exciting bits – what each other is reading, watching, listening to (or the potential clothing options one or the other might wear on a date).

 I’ve been lucky to get to hear most of Charlottes first drafts of new poetry, why her new favourite recent philosopher is Socrates and I realised the other day that since we moved in together,  I haven’t felt lonely once.