Mealings Family – Part Two

Being a kid is pretty magical and so is running around Cornwall park exploring!  

Here are photographs from the second part of my adventures with the Mealing family.  

I will do a little writing about the painted ones at the end of this post.


A few tears from playing hard, a few more sticks! and lots of personality

I thought I would try painting on a few of my favourite photographs to express how the day felt  (I don’t think the greyish sky does it justice).  I’ve only recently started experimenting with using paint again,  I can paint but I’m painfully slow.  The appeal of photography is its immediacy but I always want to add something,  as things captured within my frame often don’t come across the way I see or experience them.   It’s also fun to get the paintbrushes out and close photoshop for a while.

I always visualise images in the moment before I wake up (I try not to use an alarm clock for this very reason)  and if I don’t write them down straight away,  I forget them.  One morning I imagined an image of my flatmate Charlotte buried in the leaves of Hakanoa st and that same day Vanessa and I had lunch and talked about photographing her kids.

The reality of this leafy paddock is that there is animal poo in unexpected places and the kids weren’t really into the idea of potentially lying in it!  Fair enough – we did manage to half cover them with Vanessa as the bottom layer.  

Vanessa snapped these picts of me demonstrating what I wanted them to do.  (I did manage to cover myself in dirt, luckily wearing my oversized kids jumper – which only comes out for special occasions)