Mealings Family – Part One


This is the first family to feature on this blog project.  I did get a little bit carried away and took hundreds of images of these kids.  No posing here! Oli, Indy and Ty were totally unconcerned by my camera and keen to just have a good time playing.  So thats what we did……and I took some photographs at the same time.

All three are incredibly sweet, cute and amazingly caring – the only tears or unhappiness I witnessed was from falling over.  Their Mum and Dad have done such a great job!  (I’m sure it’s like this all the time:-))

This is part one – as in these are only half of the photographs I took of these guys.  We went to Cornwall Park for an adventure also,  before this evening of driveway chalk drawing and baking.  (I’m only working backwards because I want to try painting over some of the park photographs and my studio is off limits with mid year presentations on this week.)

Anyway have a look and I’ll post the next ones soon.


Mealings familyMealings familyMealings familyMealings094


I don’t have many children in my life at the moment and love to have regular kid hang-out play-time, it’s pretty fun.  If these guys didn’t live a half hour drive away,  I would definitely be a regular babysitter.  Vanessa – I’ll totally look after these guys if you and Scott need a date night in the city and you don’t mind them coming to my house?  I would child proof it.  Imagine how cute all three of them falling asleep in my big bed would be?  (of course thats probably dreaming and wouldn’t be the reality of the situation!?)

Look what Oli wrote – lucky  <3