She Writes and He Makes Films

Waffles and sunshine,  playing and napping, writing and taking pictures.  I feel so lucky to be living such a free and joyful life and to be able to share moments and days like this with such wonderful creative creatures.

Ollie Lucks is an independant film maker and photographer,  you can check out his work here and Joan is an amazing writer and poet whose website is here.   Currently they are working on an interesting collaborative project combining Joan’s poetry with Ollie infra-red photographs called ‘INFRA READ’

I will also write a little bit about what is going on in my world at the end of this post.   I hope you enjoy the picys, as I really enjoyed the process of creating them (waffles and all).




Beauties huh!?



So whats going on over here – why haven’t you finished making this site properly?


I’ve been thinking and making in so many different areas recently.  I would love to continue to make photography like this,  that I feel celebrates life – our beautiful, interesting, privileged, creative lives.  Maybe not only the pretty picture perfect bits but also the rest,  the everyday moments.   I have this desire to create everyday – with wild abandon – fearlessly, authentically and emotionally.  That sounds a bit cheesy but I suppose sometimes I feel like its only me, that holds me back.  Not sure exactly why or what it is, maybe some kind of self doubt or worry.  I feel it’s shifting though and things are in a transformation phase.  I am going to move creative portraiture off this page to a new site and just have as a portfolio for my conceptual art work with a journal tracking my Masters research and art making progress.  Its going well ……but there is only so much time in one day and so many exciting ideas and projects beginning.

I will always make time for watching sunlight and hanging in the park though – if you want,  just ask.