A beautiful life


Such a joyful, spontaneous, creative, generative, conscious, rich and gorgeous life.  These two are amazing, I had such a lovely time with them on the little piece of land they are cultivating in Brighton, a couple of weeks ago.  We drank home made alcoholic ginger-beer and lemonade at the beach and stayed up by candle light (almost) talking in their little tyre and straw-bail, plant filled, earth-ship.  Solar powered fairy lights, sparkle in the last photograph, taken from outside in the garden.  Kris also took me spearfishing! We kayaked to Quarantine Island in the Dunedin harbour where we met two giant, hungry sea lions that had come to have a look at what we were up to.  Kris can move pretty fast – I really wish I had had my camera!

Loveday has started a blog for recipes and ideas for vibrant health called  Wild-and-Good and Kris plants natives on private and reserve land around Otago and beyond with a business called Wild Wood Ecoforestry.  Loveday and Kris started Wildwood in 2012 on a guerilla, not-for-profit basis.  “Passionate about the myriad qualities of native and edible trees, we seek to share a vibrant, respectful mode of living with the earth. What is simple is usually good and what is embarked upon lovingly cannot fail.”  I think these photographs are perfect proof.